Once you get to our venue, it’s impossible to overlook the surroundings. Palais Ghica-Victoria is located in the city center so everything to be seen is at walking distance. Once you turn round the corner, you can catch a glimpse of history as in front of you there is Casa Vernescu. Going up the street, we have ‘George Enescu’ National Museum, a building famous for its Rococo architecture, French neo-classic and Art-nouveau. It would be impossible to miss it as it’s safely being guarded by two sculpted lions. Across the street from it, we have Church Saint Vasile cel Mare, which from the outside looks like a monastery. The style is neoclassic and the interior is heavily decorated. Apart from this, you can also find your regular shops and a wide variety of cafes and restaurants where you can taste great coffee or eat out.

If you want to welcome your guest in a breathtaking ambiente, it is the right moment to contact us.

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