The Ghica Family

The Ghica family is one of the oldest noble families in Romanian history. The Ghica men are renowned for activating in different areas, such as rulers, academics or politicians. The family tree starts with Matei Ghica (1565 – 1620) and carries on with his son, Gheorghe Ghica and his descendants.

About Palais Ghica-Victoria

The palace was built in 1884 by husband and wife, Elena and Constantin Gradisteanu following the careful plans of French architect Jean Berthet. The architecture pursues the eclectic style with Renaissance elements. It was restored between 1895 and 1898, the work being done mostly indoor, namely painted ceilings, paneling, massive interior stairs, stained glass, as well as some of the outdoor; mostly rich exterior wall decorations.

The most recent restoration was done between 1996 and 1997 by Romanian architect Adina Dinescu.


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